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Non-Lawyer Lay Representatives Advocating for Injured Workers

Our team of representatives has decades of combined experience  advocating on behalf of injured workers.

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Our Mission

Work Injury Advocates was started in 2008 to help workers receive the guidance and benefits they deserve after an industrial injury. We aim to create personal connections with each of our clients as we understand no two injuries are alike and no two injured workers are the same.

We are passionate about our work and committed to helping injured workers get back on their feet. Let us use our decades of combined experience advocating for injured workers to resolve your claim as efficiently as possible. Putting your trust in us results in effective claim management that ensures you and your loved ones get the relief you need.

Why Choose us?

Free Claim Review and Consultation

We are committed to providing compassionate support and guidance to injured workers. A crucial first step begins with our no obligation claim file review. We aim to promptly review your claim to better understand the actions and decisions made in order to discuss in detail your situation and develop an individualized course of actions that address your concerns.

Affordable Claim Management

We take pride in offering exceptional representation to individuals affected by industrial injuries, all while keeping in mind that industrial injuries can have a significant impact on both your physical well-being and your finances. We are committed to setting our rates in an affordable manner, ensuring that high-quality legal assistance is accessible to everyone.

Complex Claim Resolution

Our experienced team will help you navigate the complexities of workers' compensation claims ensuring you receive the benefits and justice you deserve. We believe that every injured worker deserves a fair chance regardless of prior injuries, pre-existing medical conditions, or multiple claims. We will utilize our many years of experience and expertise to work with all parties to secure favorable claim outcomes.

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